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With over 30 years industry experience the team at Agrisile.com have a huge wealth of knowledge in all aspects of forage storage and preservation products.

Were here to supply a wide range of premium quality products specifically designed and tested to meet and exceed the demanding requirements of the UK Biogas and Agricultural markets.


Silo2Block Topsheet

  • Green / Silver
  • 10X Less permeable to oxygen than standard black sheets.
  • 7 Layer film with very high stretch and tear resistance.
  • Soft and flexible - fits better on the silo and reduces air pockets.

Transparent Sidewall Sheet

  • Transparent for safety.
  • Optimum airtight seal along the walls.
  • Protects concrete walls from acidic leachate.

Kofasil S

  • Kofasil biological additives from ADDCON.
  • Avoids feed and energy losses.
  • Prevents mould growth & production of mycotoxins.
  • Optimises Biogas yield.
  • DLG Certified.

Protective Silo Covers

  • Protective, close woven, net covers come in a range of sizes to prevent bird damage. Suitable for Silage Clamps, Bale Stacks and Ag-Bags.

Silage Rings

  • Cover 1m2 per ring.
  • Don't fill with water.
  • Good weight distribution (roughly 13kg per ring).
  • Easily handled, and stack neatly when not in use.

Agrisile Gravel Bags

  • Follows the contour of the silage to create an airtight seal along clamp edges.
  • Protects polythene under-sheet.
  • No More Tyres! Save Time.
  • Reduces Spoilage.
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